Hash tags make it easy

Hash tags are basically characters mentioned with a hash symbol “#” used as a prefix. The hash tags are used in order to give links or provide a special tagline with a song or a video clip. The hash tags make it easier for you to follow links to your favorite song video clips or any other link. Your favorite social networking application now has the latest update which features hash tags. Vine knows the importance of hash tags and therefore the application now has Vine hash tags.

The Vine application features different and famous Vine hash tags which your fellow users know what you’re doing and why you used a certain hash tag. Apart from that, once you have used Vine hash tags in the description of a certain photo or video you’ve updates, you can post it to other famous social networking sites. This way, if any of your friends need to view that particular photo or video, they can follow it by clicking on the hash tag you have provided. The hash tags just make a lot of things for you to follow easy.

There are some special and famous vine hash tags that are used by most of the users of Vine. Some of the famous hash tags on Vine include:

  • #LNV: this stands for Late Night Vine. This is used by the people who are using Vine late at night at parties or other hangouts and are having drinks. Most of the people upload their pictures drinking along with this hash tag.
  • #SongCollab: this vine hash tag is used by people who usually update a music video clip or their personal music video along with the hash tag. The fellow users can view your own music video by following this hash tag.
  • #Puppetman: this hash tag is used by those Vine users who upload a video with the movement of something using a finger or hand. Such videos are usually for humorous purposes or to mock some friends.
  • #Sloth4life: this hash tag is often used when a user uploads a real life video of someone making a fool out of himself. The video can also be of a cartoon. Thousands and hundreds of such videos are uploaded on daily basis by regular Vine users.
  • #Animals: different animals like cats or dogs are mentioned as hash tags to upload funny pictures of them on the application page and share them with other users. Videos are also uploaded along with these hash tags.

The basic purpose of Vine hash tags is to provide the links of whatever you share on your Vine ID to other famous social networking sites too. This way, every time you upload a video or photo, you don’t have to copy paste it to other websites, you can simply connect those sites through Vine and share the links with the help of your hash tags. These hash tags provide direct links to your photos and videos on Vine which let you socialize at a greater level.

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